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Hamgam Sanat Sadr Sepahan – همگام صنعت صدر سپاهان
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Base Oils

Typically, industrial lubricants contain 70-90% base oils and the rest are additives. Base oils impart primary vital properties of the lubricant such as viscosity, viscosity stability, thermal stability, solvency, low temperature flow and ...more info

Additive Packages

Additive packages are combination of single components. The additive package is dosed into the base oil and blended by the lubricant manufacturer at an appropriate treat   ...more info

Single Components

Lubricant single additives are chemical components that need to blend with the base oil to function as a final product. The primary function of Lubricant additives is to improve the properties of ...more info


Commerce & Trade

Trading in the field of industrial lubricants, additives, base oils and chemicals is one of the Hamgam Sanat Sadr Sepahan services...more info


Hamgam Sanat Sadr Sepahan has specialized and active staff in the field of industry and the university has the ability to provide consulting and transmitting specialized chemical info...more info


Recognizing lubricant's formula and understanding the factors influencing its characteristics is the first prerequisite for improving quality and innovation. In this regard...more info

Laboratory analysis

The lubricant analysis can be classified as physical, chemical and performance test evaluation.  Additionally, end users also develop their in-house in-service lubricant analysis to monitor and...more info

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