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Air Compressor Oil Additive – Hamgam Sanat Sadr Sepahan

Air Compressor Oil Additive

Air Compressor Oil Additive

Air Compressor Oil Additive


Compressor Oil additive is developed for blending premium air compressor oils base stocks, providing performance comparable to oils using PAO. It has been developed to meet the most severe requirements of rotary screw and VDL air compressors.


Compressor oil additive Package gives premium thermal & oxidative stability and anti-wear performance. It is designed to provide simplicity to the oil blender. Compressor oil additive does not contain any solid lubricants and will not form any type of permanent coating on cylinders.


♦ Excellent anti-wear, anti-rust, emulsion resistance performance

♦ Premium Heat stability and oxidation stability

♦ Keep steady performance in the API I, II, III, IV grade base oil

♦ Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance performance

Category :

additive packages

Release date :

July 12,2023

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