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Heat Transfer Oil Additive – Hamgam Sanat Sadr Sepahan

Heat Transfer Oil Additive

Heat Transfer Oil Additive

Heat Transfer Oil Additive


Heat Transfer oil additive Package is a high temperature heat transfer oil additive package, formulated with various types of multi-functional additives for uniform and efficient heat transfer in closed systems.


This low-dosage additive package provides the necessary properties for standard quality heat transfer oil performance. The heat transfer oil blended with it has good thermal stability. If used for a long period, it will have less coking formation, longer service life and significant heat transfer effect.

♦ Thermal stability and oxidation resistance

♦ High thermal efficiency and good heat transfer coefficient

♦ Good stability against hydrolysis 

♦ Corrosion and rust resistance in system equipment

Category :

additive packages

Release date :

July 12,2023

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