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Turbine Oil Additive – Hamgam Sanat Sadr Sepahan

Turbine Oil Additive

Turbine Oil Additive

Turbine Oil Additive


Turbine Oil Additive Packages are ashless additive packages with enhanced demulsification for use in turbine applications turbine oil additive packages contain synergistic antioxidant system which will impart extended oxidation life to turbine oils and they are formulated to be used in wet conditions at high temperatures and pressures



turbine oil additives offer outstanding wear and deposit control as well as excellent oxidation and rust protection by providing a thin layer of boundary lubrication on surfaces.


  • ♦ High oxidation stability
  • ♦ Excellent hydrolytic stability
  • ♦ Very low acid number
  • ♦ Robust protection against corrosion of steel and non-ferrous metals
  • ♦ Good demulsifying behavior

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additive packages

Release date :

January 16,2023

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