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Gear Oil Additive – Hamgam Sanat Sadr Sepahan

Gear Oil Additive

Gear Oil Additive

Gear Oil Additive


gear oil additive packages are designed for the formulation of premium quality industrial gear oils. 

In addition to providing wear, corrosion and oxidation protection, gear oil additive allows the formulation of lubricants with clean gear performance and provides long term wear protection.


gear oil additive packages prevent wear and micro-pitting at high operating temperature and creates a heavy-duty lubricant film on all frictioning and sliding metal surfaces.

  • ♦ Reduce and control wear
  • ♦ Reliability and antifriction properties are significantly increased
  • ♦ Increases the life of moving parts
  • ♦ Very good thermal resistance and stability

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additive packages

Release date :

January 16,2023

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