Hydraulic Oil Additive

Hydraulic Oil Additive

Hydraulic Oil Additive


hydraulic oil additive packages improve the flow characteristics of hydraulic systems by modifying the bulk properties of the hydraulic oil.

By improving flow characteristics, sluggish hydraulic operations and eliminates the stick slip on noisy hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic Oil Additive improves low temperature performance to eliminate drag, which causes jerky or sluggish operation.



  • Performance:

  • The unique polar chemistry of Hydraulic Oil Additive provides a thin layer of boundary lubrication on demand under load bearing operations.

Hydraulic Oil Additive does not contain any solid lubricants and will not form any type of permanent coating on cylinders.



  • ♦ Improve hydraulic fluid performance
  • ♦ Relieves stick-slip and chattering
  • ♦ Improves load bearing capacity

Category :

additive packages

Release date :

January 16,2023

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