Engine Oil Additive Packages

Engine Oil Additive Packages

Engine Oil Additive Packages

Application: Engine oil is the most important lubricant in the automotive industry. In order to make lubrication suitable for a specific car, in addition to the base oil, it is necessary to mix AddChem® engine oil additive packages. They are formulated with detergent, ashless dispersant, anti-friction agent, anti-oxidant and etc. These additives produce different efficiency levels according to their structure, composition percentage and their compatibility with each other.

Performance: AddChem® engine oil additives offer outstanding wear protection and deposit control as well as excellent oxidation and rust protection in both gasoline and diesel engines. They have good detergency, low temperature specs, dispersion, corrosion inhibition and antiwear property. They are also featured by high base number, low ash and good rubber seal duration


  • Multipurpose engine oil additive packages
  • Reduce emissions
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Extend engine life

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additive packages

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January 16,2023

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