Single Components

Single Components

Single Components

Lubricant single additives are chemical components that need to blend with the base oil to function as a final product. The primary function of Lubricant additives is to improve the properties of the base stock under different operating conditions and the high-performance requirements of any machinery. Single additives can be categorized into various kinds based on their general roles of performance improvement and service life extension 

AddChem® offers a wide range of singlecomponent additives as:
• Extreme-Pressure Additives
• Antiwear and Friction Modifier Additives
• Corrosion Inhibitor Additives
• Antioxidant Additives
• Water-Miscible Additives
• Detergent and Dispersant Additives
• Foam Inhibitor Additives
• Pour-Point Depressant Additives
• Viscosity index improver Additives

Release date :

August 24,2021

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